Xmas greetings from Glam Chops!

Here is the hotly anticipated winter warmer from Eddie Argos and Mikey Georgeson (David Devant)'s glam rock band, Glam Chops. Now available ABSOLUTELY FREE as an antidote to the credit crunch. Merry Christmas, boys and girls!


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Due to unprecedented demand (well, they are rather glamtastically ace) we've had to move the tracks onto another, larger server before this site totally collapsed. You can still download the artwork from here, but to get the tracks please go to this site:


A different mix of "Baby Jesus Was The First Glam Rocker", featuring Eddie Argos on vocals, is available now on "Black Christmas" the Bizarre down-loadable Xmas album (www.bizarremag.com)


The Video for "Countdown To Christmas " featuring Eddie and the Panthergirls can be seen on YouTube.