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Last updated: 05.07.09 22:55
Site lovingly, but irregularly, developed and maintained by Dave
Updates done whilst listening to:
"In The Court Of The Wrestling Let's" - Let's Wrestle

Over the years we've made posters, taken photos and made records. Check out the following links for some examples:


Click here to see a selection of posters designed for Purr shows over the years.


Gallery of all our shows at Invention, plus the ongoing Fopp archive is here


Panther Girls - Talk To The Left' video

As part of recording various Panther Girls routines we put together this short video to Shrag's "Talk To The Left", featuring a guest appearance from members of the band. More clips to follow soon...

You can check it out on YouTube here

Panther Girls - Catweasels' video

Catweasels released a new single on Longest Mile Records (set up by the Futureheads), and the accompanying video, featuring several of Purr's very own Panther Girls, is up on YouTube.

Check it out here

Check out the Panther Girls in action dancing to the Ripps' "Holiday", live at Purr (Photos of the show here).

And some more clips can be seen here:

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

Manic Cough

Manic Cough video for "Eggs & Chips" can be seen here.


Gigger image

Check out the new website, Gigger, developed by Stephen Lockhart of Float Media featuring photos and videos taken at gigs, including Purr. Stephen filmed many Purr nights and created the Purr live DVD for us, and we wholeheartedly recommend you check out this new site. Log in and upload videos and photos of gigs, and check out some of the other things that have been uploaded by others. Clips for the Moles shows are here.


You can check out a few interviews of the bands we have put on:

Tiny Masters Of Today


Free Downloads

A few tracks from our archives for your listening pleasure will be back up again shortly. Hopefully, you'll want to buy the real (vinyl) thing afterwards...


We also have tracks available through iTunes as follows:

Bec And Beth: "Any One Who Had A Heart"

Bec And Beth: "Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me"

Bec And Beth: "French Song"

Bec And Beth: "I'm Making Believe"

Listen The Hot Puppies: Somewhere

Listen The Hot Puppies: Where The Werewolves Meet

Listen Manic Cough: Eggs & Chips

Listen Manic Cough: Get Some

Listen Manic Cough: Blue Or Red

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