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Let's Wrestle

More info on forthcoming Moles shows will be announced soon. Please keep checking in!



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What's on?

You may have noticed that our shows are a little more spaced out (time-wise, not in a mind-altering substance way) than usual. The whole live music scene is feeling the pinch at the moment and we're scaling things back just for the short-term. We're going to take a bit of a break for a while, put our feet up for the summer, and re-energise ourselves. Keep an eye on this website or on the Purr Records MySpace, Purr Live MySpace and Purr Facebook sites for the latest news on our forthcoming shows.

Have a nice summer, everyone, and we'll see you all soon!

Tickets for all our shows can be bought in person from The Porter pub (next door to Moles) or online at WeGotTickets:

We Got Tickets - buy Purr tickets online

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Important notice

Due to the effects of the 'Credit Crunch' Moles Club are currently putting on fewer live music shows. Hopefully this will pick up again very soon. In the meantime, Purr are being inundated with requests from bands for shows as a direct consequence. Unfortunately, we are too busy to respond directly to every request. If you don't have a response from us within 2-3 days, please take it that your music, however amazing it is, isn't quite suitable for our themed club night and please try emailing Steve coordinates live music at Moles Club and The Porter. To get an idea of your suitability for a Purr show, please check out our archives. Or, better still, come to a show and help us battle the Crunch! Thank you! x

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Thanks to everyone who came along to our shows, including our All-Ages summer shows, and hopefully you all had as good a time as we did. Check out the live photos from all our shows on our Flickr site, and see just what you missed if you weren't there.

Crystal Castles

Photos from the all-ages shows can be seen here (featuring Help She Can't Swim, Shimmy Rivers And And Canal, and Model Horror), here (featuring The Hot Puppies, Modernaire, and Kerterver Cartzo), here (featuring Crystal Castles and Turbowolf), and a videoclip on YouTube, and here (featuring Tiny Masters Of Today, The Locarnos and Won't Never).

Videos of a lot of our shows can be seen on the Gigger website , so head over and check it out, and support it by uploading your own photos, videos and reviews.

Please keep an eye on this site, and our posters and flyers, for further details of future shows. We will post further updates shortly.

When dates are announced, tickets will be available in advance from

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"Purr put on the bands who I loved and hated the most last year. There is no higher recommendation." - Choke