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George Street


How to find Moles

Click here to download larger PDF version

Check out Multimap or Google Maps for a good map on how to get to Moles and the city centre.

Map 1 South of UK

Map 2 Surrounding Bath

Map 3 Within Bath

To try and describe it in words might be a bit easier to follow, so here goes:

From the motorway

Come off the M4 at Junction 18, the A46, and head towards Bath (left if you're coming from the London direction, right if you're coming from the north) Follow the road all the way down. It's quite long and twisty.

Eventually as you get to the bottom there is an exit onto a large roundabout, and follow the sign for the A4 into Bath. This road eventually becomes London Road, with shops and pubs along the left-hand side (you'll pass a pub called The Porter Butt on the left, and a Safeway. On the right you'll pass an Esso garage and The King William pub).

There are a few sets of traffic lights for pedestrian crossings, but eventually you'll come to a set of lights at a major junction. The pavement on the right-hand side is raised up to about eight feet, and you'll be facing a triangle with shops and a pub (the Curfew) on the side facing you, and a road joining from the left.

Go straight across here and follow the road up around to a mini roundabout. Take the second exit, which is the one diagonally ahead. Go up around here and you'll be heading along The Paragon, which has a Georgian terrace along one side. Back to Mine! is on your left, just before the traffic lights, just next to a bookshop and Italian restaurant. To get to Moles, at the traffic lights go straight over onto York Place. You'll have The Royal York Hotel on the left and some bars/restaurants (Wagamamas + Revolution).

On the right are some shop and cafes. At the far end of the street it becomes George Street, where the pavement on the right is raised up above road level by about 10 foot. On the right you'll see The Porter pub. Moles is set into the side of the raised pavement by the steps.

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